To create global accessibility to an instant, almost free, border free and secure payment ecosystem

Our Mission

Worldwide Merchant Adoption

Implementing a payment platform for both on and offline businesses throughout the world that is near free, fast and secure.

Global Access For All

Provide quick, economical access to payment and transfer platforms equally across the world including the millions of unbanked.

Leader in International & Local Money Transfers

Utilizing our high tech wallet, exchange and ATM network provide a cost effective and fast solution for cross border and local transfers and exchanges.

The problems with current legacy payment platforms and cryptocurrencies and Dolla's solutions.

Problems & Solutions

Traditional payment systems are expensive, over complicated and time consuming. Current cryptocurrencies suffer from the following problems below, which prevent them from replacing established, centralized payment systems such as Visa and Paypal. Dolla is the cryptocurrency that takes on the challenge to address the weaknesses in the existing legacy and crypto platforms today.


High cost


Limited Scalability


Restricted Access

Low Merchant Adoption


1c Transactions

1 Second Transactions

10,000 TPS

Decentralized Consortium

Global Accessability

High Merchant Adoption
A complete ecosystem of financial applications


Dolla Exchange

Dolla Exchange's aim is to have the top 300 cryptocurrencies and 16 fiat currencies within 12 months of operations.

ATM Network

Globally distributed smart ATMs will feature third-party app integration like phone credit. Cardless cash will be available from anywhere worldwide.

Dolla Recurring Debit

Dolla's recurring billing protocol using smart contracts is a perfect fit for ongoing payments.

E-commerce Plugins

Integrating with popular web platforms, Dolla will provide a seamless experience for online shoppers to checkout through the Dolla gateway.


DollayPay is small lines of credit from 500 USD to 1000 USD, with debt paid back in 4 fortnightly installments, interest free, using specialized smart contracts.

Merchant Payment Platform

A contactless platform for physical retailers. Purchases will settle instantly, with development including integration with PoS and accounting software.

Dolla's Features Compared with Other Top Cryptocurrencies


Dolla Bitcoin Ethereum Dash Monero Ripple
Approach Decentralized Consortium PoW PoW PoW PoW Centralized Consortium
(theoretical, tps)
10,000 7 15-20 48 4 1500
(observed, tps)
tbd 3-6 8-16 25 0.05-0.13 3-20
Block time 1s 10m 15-30s 2.6m 2m -
Confirmation time 1s 60m 6m 15m 30m 4s reported
2.3m observed
(observed, USD)
0.01* 1 0.2 0.2 1-2 >0.01
(peak, USD)
tbd 55 5.5 1.6 20 0.42


Bonuses are tiered according to total contributions received throughout the Private Sale.

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Token Distribution

  • Token Sale: 51%
  • Team: 15%
  • Airdrop, Expansion Programm & Charities: 13%
  • Early Backers & Advisors: 6%
  • Ordlab Expenses: 5%
  • Lead One Expenses: 5%
  • Liquidity: 3%
  • Node Operators: 2%

Use of Funds

  • Research & Development: 41%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Licensing: 10%
  • Operations: 9%
  • Legal & Compliance: 7%
  • Dolla Fund: 5%
  • Market Maker: 5%
  • Merchant Services: 5%
  • Network Security: 3%
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US citizens please note that these airdrops are only available for accredited investors. As a US citizen please do not apply unless you are an accredited investor.


Our Journey To Success

Q1 2017

Idea, Conception & Research

Leading Whitepaper & Academic Paper Review to Identify Consensus Approach

Q2 2017

Analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses and suitability Of Different Programming Languages for Blockchain construction.

Q3 2017

Development Team Implementation

Building the Blockchain

Q2 2018

Dolla Blockchain Testing

Node Network Testing

Formal Verification

Q3 2018

Tech Whitepaper Released

Q4 2018

ICO Documentation

Private Sale Begins


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

Q4 2018

Lodge Application for USA Federal Financial Transmitters License

Q1-Q2 2019

Token Generation Event & Dolla Wallet Launch

Q2 2019

Commence partnerships with existing payment platforms

Q2 2019

Commence Development of the Orb Exchange

Q2 2019

Implement Payment Platform and Plugins for Ecommerce

Q3 2019

Roll out of Merchant Payment Platform


The Leadership Team

Dolla’s team is global and is glad to have access to a geographically distributed team of software engineers, crypto experts, business professionals, academics and researchers.


Andreas Holmes
CEO and Founder More info
Parrish Stanton
Chief Legal Officer More info
Nicole Herstik
Chief Financial Officer More info
Jolene Oxborrow
Global Marketing Officer More info


Lead One

Andre Knispel
Chief Scientific Officer More info
Guidon Malamud
Haskell Software Development Engineer. More info
Maximilian Lupke
Haskell Engineer & Mathematician More info
Henning Sauter
Haskell Engineer & Mathematician More info


Niklas Hambüchen
Haskell Engineer
Alexey Kuleshevich
Haskell Engineer
Roman Gonzalez
Haskell Engineer

Lead One has partnered with FP Complete the leading Haskell engineering company. FP Complete has a 3 member blockchain specialist team who are working in conjunction with Lead One Haskell engineers to develop and run the latest generation blockchain.

FP Complete is led by veterans and innovators from Microsoft, Intel, Google, and several PhD programs and prominent open-source projects, we operate innovation and engineering teams out of North America and Western Europe.

Our engineering and quality staff design and build powerful software with new features ranging from data aggregation and understanding, to high-performance simulation, to online portals for practitioners and consumers/patients. We conduct blockchain audits on leading cryptocurrencies.

This exceptionally well-qualified group of engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and operators use latest-generation techniques such as multicore and distributed functional programming, distributed team management, and advanced cloud DevOps and containerization, to get you new IT capabilities with fast time-to-market and immediate high capacity.

Community Growth and Merchant Adoption

Sudipta Debnath
Community Manager More info
Vitaliy Kobak
Banking Specialist More info
Romana Kobak
Lead Designer More info
Julia Kupiak
Graphic Designer More info
Peter Kupiak
Lead Video Designer More info

We're hiring

We are currently hiring Haskell programmers and other staff. If you are interested please send your resume to [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions

Token Sale

The Dolla distribution will take place in a series of presale periods and an ICOal.

Click on the button that says Buy Tokens at the top of the page. This will take you through a process of signing up, doing your KYC and purchasing your tokens.

We will have a Token Generation Event post ICO (between 60 and 90 days) where you will be able to download the Dolla Wallet and be issued your tokens. As we move closer to the date we will notify the community.

China, Iran and North Korea are excluded while the USA is restricted to Sophisticated Investors with a minimum contribution of 500 USD.

Minimum contribution is 500 USD or equivalent to. USA is restricted to Sophisticated Investors only with a minimum contribution of 500 USD.

There are several bonuses on offer and are as follows:

  • The first 10,000,000 USD raised will receive a 40% Bonus
  • From 10,000,000 USD to 20,000,000 USD receives 30%
  • From 20,000,000 USD to 30,000,000 USD receives 20%
  • No bonus after 30,000,000 USD is reached.

Tokens purchased in the private sale also have a higher value than in the ICO. Private Sale Tokens are 1 USD = 750 DLA. ICO Tokens 1 USD = 500 DLA. Additional bonuses for lock up periods are also available. Lock up 12 months = 10% Bonus Lockup 24 months = 20% Bonus

Yes. To receive Dolla Tokens every participant must provide their personal identification and information.

A Government issued Passport is recommended, but we will also accept a drivers license from Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, and USA

The requirements to be an accredited investor include having an income of 200,000 USD (or joint income of 300,000 USD) or having a net worth of 1,000,000 USD (excluding the primary residence).

Unsold Tokens will be divided between 3 areas: Returned to Lead One and used for future fund raising Distributed between consumers and merchants to help grow Dolla adoption Used in the partnership program plus used to expand the Charity and Business Grant Program.

We are launching with a functioning blockchain and are having the code reviewed and audited prior to launch which takes this amount of time.


Dolla software is a transactional network that allows business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, staff, friends and family to send and receive money in an instant, almost free, hassle free way from anywhere in the world. Dolla was created to improve upon existing cryptocurrencies and their development approaches. Dolla believes that every aspect of a cryptocurrency and its development including language choice and core algorithm should be reviewed, analysed and compared to alternatives with the best approach being taken. The core aim is for Dolla to be used as a currency, for that it has to have real world applications and uses and for this to happen, certain characteristics need to be inherent in the Dolla blockchain. These include: High security from the ground up: This is why the programming language Haskell was chosen. Fast Transaction confirmation: The Dolla blockchain confirms transactions in 1 second. High Throughput: Dolla Blockchain is capable of 10k transactions per second

Lead One a Cayman’s Exempt company is the core entity contributing to the development of the Dolla Software and its adoption. Lead One has 3 core responsibilities: As a tech development company its core mission is to engage in cryptocurrency research which includes reviewing and evaluating academic papers and then to develop and construct a leading Crytocurrency called Dolla using best practices and a rigorous, peer-reviewed approach. Lead One has extended its software engineer base and has partnered with FP Complete ( the leading Haskell engineering company ) to develop the Dolla Blockchain. The 2nd core responsibility of Lead One is to is to facilitate the adoption and acceptance of Dolla within the wider community. To this end Lead One will be using its extensive marketing and business development experience to promote Dolla and to educate the community about Dolla, Lead One will also invest in and assist commercial ventures to build on the Dolla blockchain and will develop and oversee partnerships which help promote and grow the Dolla ecosystem. The 3rd core responsibility of Lead One is to build and grow a network of business and entrepreneurs that will accept DLA. This is so owners of the coin have real world uses for their DLA.

For the first release, it will be a generated address, however, development is underway for additional features including username integration.

The wallet will be available for download in time for the Token Generation Event 60-90 days post ICO.

Dolla’s global network of both on and offline businesses is growing daily. We will have an updated list of where you can spend your tokens ready for the Token Generation Event. If you own or know of anybody that owns a business and would like to receive a 500 USD Airdrop in Dolla tokens, please have them fill out the Merchant Airdrop form.

We will announce listing on exchanges as they happen.

Our code is currently located in Gitlab not available for public viewing at this time. Applicants are welcome to apply to view the code. Please email [email protected] for more information.


Get In Touch

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly